Supercompact EVTM-55-L

Briquetting press suited to be placed directly under the chip conveyor

EVTM-55-L is a compact briquetting machine which encloses all components into a single chassis. It is specifically designed to serve a single machine tool, or to be positioned directly under the chips conveyor belt.

EVTM-55-L is designed for the compaction of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium and plastic.

EVTM-55-L includes sensors and controls designed for a fully automated operation.
Moreover, the frame is mounted on casters and provided with a handle, to allow the easy displacement inside the workshop to where the production needs are.

Technical caracteristics

  • Briquette shape (mm): Ø 45, Ø 55
  • Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Steel and cast iron: 50 - 80
  • Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Alluminium: 30 - 45
  • Main motor size (kW): 3
  • Max pressure (kg/cm2): 840 - 1260
  • Dimensions (cm) L x D x H: 140 x 67 x 160
  • Hydraulic oil consumption (liters): 50
  • Weight (kg): 350

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