Supercompact EVTM-565-LB

The EVTM-565-LB is the most advanced briquetting machine for compacting scraps.

The hopper, with its 130 liters, has been designed in its geometry to be the most capacious and efficient.

The new control logic makes the machine capable of learning and recognizing the type of chip, thus deciding the optimal operating parameters and loading times. With its 3kW and inverter control, it is capable of processing over 240 liters/hour of chip volume. A true record among its competitors.

The EVTM-565-LB optimizes energy absorption by automatically adapting its speed to the production flow.

It can be interfaced with the company information system to supply the quantities of recovered coolant and briquetted material.

The real evolution

  • Use me for all metals
  • I reduce the chip volume up to 90%
  • I recover the coolant
  • I increase the productivity of your machines
  • I reduce disposal costs
  • I am completely autonomous
  • I am the most efficient
  • I am ready for the challenges of 5.0

Technical caracteristics

  • Briquette shape (mm): Ø 45, Ø 55
  • Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Steel and cast iron: 80 - 140
  • Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Alluminium: 45 - 70
  • Main motor size (kW): 3
  • Max pressure (kg/cm2): 840 – 1260
  • Dimensions (cm) L x D x H: 170 x 85 x 115
  • Hydraulic oil consumption (liters): 30
  • Weight (kg): 360

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