Eidos Works briquetting machines for metal chips are capable of treating a wide range of materials such as metal alloys, plastic materials, biomass, grinding sludge and pyrophoric metals.

Our metal presses can manage chips deriving from milling, drilling, turning, gear cutting, broaching and many others.

Processable materials


Briquetting is a compaction process that allows you to drastically reduce the volumes of waste and recover a significant quantity of cooling lubricants.

Eidos briquetting machines are so compact that they can be installed on board the machine tool.
For this reason, the reduction on chips volume allows to reduce the number of interventions of the operator and to increase the time the tool machine can works in not attended conditions.


Swarf deriving from tool processing is generally very voluminous, tends to retain expensive cooling lubricants which are often dispersed and have considerable management costs due to the considerable labor they require.

  • Waste of expensive cooling lubricants
  • Significant waste of storage space
  • Inefficiency in the automation of the work center
  • Dirt and increased safety risks
  • High waste management and transportation costs
  • Risks to the environment due to possible oil spills
  • Melting loss when re-melting


Briquetting reduces the volume of swarf, recovers expensive lubricants and reduces waste management costs.

A wide range of materials, commonly used in milling, drilling, turning, gear cutting, broaching and many others, can be processed.

Depending on the customer's needs, Eidos offers a range of metal presses with a production capacity between 20 and 200 kg/h.

  • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants
  • Significant reduction in chip volume
  • More efficient chip logistics within the company
  • Environment protection
  • Improved cleanliness and safety in the workplace
  • Increased revenues from briquettes
  • Reduced melting loss when re-melting
  • Complete automation of the machine tool


Eidos Works offers four models of presses differentiated by performance, type of processed materials, and production capacity.
All models are compact in size and equipped to work fully automatically.