Briquetting of copper and precious metals

Eidos Works briquetting machines are ideal for briquetting copper chips resulting from chip removal operations at machine tools and cutting operations at saws.

The briquetting machines are also an excellent solution for compacting precious metal chips resulting from diamond cutting, pantographs and CNC machines. The briquettable materials are: gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

Eidos briquetting machines can be easily integrated into production processes; they can be added to individual machine tools, completely solving chip management problems by acting at the source.


  • Significant reduction in chip volume
  • Recovery of expensive lubricants
  • Cleaning and safety in the workplace
  • Greater yield in the remelting phase

Depending on the customer's needs, Eidos offers a range of presses with production capacity ranging from 30 to 200 kg/h. The required productivity will influence the choice of briquette format.