Briquetting of aluminium

Eidos Works aluminium chip briquetting machines are able to compact chips resulting from chip removal operations such as milling, drilling, turning and shearing.

The reduction in chip volume and the recovery of the lubricant allow a reduction in the management costs of the waste, a saving in terms of lubricant and coolant supply and a cleaner material suitable for melting in tower furnaces.

Eidos Works briquetting machines are designed to operate independently 24 hours a day and can be easily integrated into production processes. In fact, they can be added to individual machine tools, completely solving the chip management problems at the source. In addition, Eidos Works presses can be equipped with accessories that facilitate the treatment of any type of chip.


  • Significant reduction in chip volume
  • Significant reduction in waste storage and transport costs
  • Cleaning and safety in the workplace
  • Selling price of the briquettes higher than that of the chip
  • Recovery of expensive lubricants
  • Environmental protection
  • Greater yield in the remelting phase

Depending on the customer's needs, Eidos offers a range of aluminium presses with production capacity ranging from 20 to 100 kg/h. The required productivity will influence the choice of briquette format.