Wood briquetting

Eidos Works wood briquette machines generate compact, high-density briquettes of constant length thanks to the autonomous system "SMART THINK" for adjusting the length of the briquettes.

Eidos Works briquetting machines are designed to operate independently 24 hours a day and can be easily integrated into production processes. In addition, Eidos Works presses can be equipped with accessories that facilitate the treatment of any type of chip.

To ensure a correct chipping process, it is important that the material's water content is less than 15%.


  • Increased revenue from briquette sales
  • No binders are required
  • Higher calorific value as fuel compared to firewood
  • Greater cleanliness of the work environment
  • Lower waste management costs

Depending on the customer's needs, we offer wood briquette machines for capacities ranging from 10 to 50 kg per hour. The required productivity will influence the choice of briquette format.