Briquetting of biomass

Eidos Works biomass presses are able to compact biogenic residues of all kinds, including wood chips, MDF, chipboard residues, agricultural substances, paper powder and textile industry waste.

By briquetting loose material, the volume is significantly reduced, as is the level of dust formation. A constant size and weight of the briquettes can be easily guaranteed by the automatic system called "SMART THINK" for adjusting the length of the briquettes.

In order to press the biomass, it is important that the material's water content is less than 15%.


  • Briquetting of powdery materials
  • Reduction of waste hazard
  • Increased revenue from briquette sales
  • No binders are required
  • Significant reduction in storage and transport costs
  • Cleaning in the workplace

Depending on the customer's needs, Eidos offers a range of biomass presses with production capacity ranging from 10 to 50 kg/h. The required productivity will influence the choice of briquette format.