Magnesium and pyrophoric metals briquettes

Eidos Works chip briquetting machines are able to safely treat chips resulting from any type of processing on magnesium, titanium and other pyrophoric metals. During the compaction phase of the waste, the temperature of the mechanical parts in contact with the material remains a few degrees above room temperature, as can be seen in the thermographies carried out during a test with magnesium.

Temperature of the compaction chamber
Temperature of the magnesium briquettes

The transformation of the chip into briquettes significantly reduces the surface exposed to oxidation and consequently reduces the risk of self-ignition.

Eidos Works briquetting machines are designed to operate independently 24 hours a day and can be easily integrated into production processes. In fact, they can be added to individual machine tools, completely solving the chip management problems at the source.


  • Significant reduction in the risk of self-ignition
  • Greater cleanliness and safety of the work environment
  • Recovery of expensive lubricants
  • Significant reduction in chip volume
  • Significant reduction in waste management and transport costs

Depending on the customer's needs, Eidos offers a range of presses for metals with production capacity ranging from 20 to 200 kg/h. The required productivity will influence the choice of briquette format.